Trying something new

Ioana Finichiu

Inspired by this recent post on (over)writing by Seth Godin, I'm going to try something new (to me). I'm going to simply write.

I often want (and have every great intention) to publish elaborate posts that are perfectly structured to get my (many) ideas across. I just never prioritize it. “I don't have time” is a perfect excuse – it is not up for debate; it's not as if anyone (other than myself or my boss) can tell me to make time for something, and it's practically reflex at this point. It's an easy excuse.

So in waiting to find time to write the perfect posts that strike the right balance of thoughtful insights and dry humour I end up not posting anything at all. And that's... an artificial barrier, a miscellaneous bag of excuses rooted in self-expectation and self-imposed pressure.

I'm not sure how often I will simply write, or what structure I'll adopt. I wish I had the discipline of weeknoters but I'd rather be realistic. I'm going to try to find a balance between the instant gratification of a 280-character tweet and the long inspirational posts I somehow convinced myself are the 'right' way to blog.

I have thoughts; they may be good, they may be unremarkable; they will be written.