Fasten your seatbelt

Ioana Finichiu

I’m just a big ball of mush, at the end of a week filled with all kinds of emotions. They have to come out so they may as well come out on ‘paper’. Raw, unedited, unfiltered... read at your own risk.

I am part of a fiercely tight team of people planning and delivering a big event in the coming weeks. I believe we learn from each other as much as we learn as a group- from the adversity we face, the disappointments, small and big wins, the setbacks, the outpouring of enthusiasm & encouragement we get from supporters.

We’re well versed in each other’s personality, motivations, ways of expressing ourselves, preferences. They’re pretty used to the fact that I cry openly when things touch me (it’s quite the running gag at this point) and they’ve been quite accepting of the whole thing- talk about having a space to bring your whole self.

I can only hope, reader, that you have that somewhere in your life. Being able to show you’re carrying an emotional burden, whatever those emotions are (happy, sad, worried, panicked, humble, grateful, overwhelmed, restless, content, peaceful, anxious, nervous, mad, elated) is an incredible relief. Being able to share that emotional burden with others, not putting on a brave façade only to crumble alone. And being able to help someone else with their burden when they show it to you.

Knowing – not assuming, not guessing, not hoping – knowing other human beings stand in line with you as you’re about to get on the emotional roller coaster is a gift I wish I could give everyone I know. I know I’m first in line for the ride, for all my friends, like they are with me.

Seek those people, build deep relationships that will give meaning to what you do. The rewards are priceless.